Meet Christos Zounis

the man responsible for the magic of Christos Jewellery

I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and as a boy I was always keen in making, building and fixing anything I could get my hands on. At school I always loved the manual arts courses.

At age 12, I got an opportunity to see some jewellers at work and was hooked on the idea of becoming a jeweller. I started a five year apprenticeship at age sixteen and have now been working as a jeweller in Perth ever since. I did work in London, Venice and Athens during a year trip in my twenties. I have always enjoyed the new ideas and innovation in making jewellery, especially in the artful freestyle side.

Since opening Christos Jewellery in 1997, I started making jewellery for my own store and experimenting in original and unique pieces of jewellery.

Australian Natives Collection

Designed and made by Christos

My Australian Native range started when I thought to make a leaf pendant with high definition, so I picked a Eucalyptus leaf and cast it in solid silver which turned out fantastic.

I was hooked and started to look at all the native Australian trees, picking all the unique Australian leaves, nuts, pods and buds; including Banksia, Melaluca, Eucalyptus, Coral Gums, Bottlebrush and Spyridium. I then started casting them to make into jewellery. So each piece is a one off, exclusive, handmade piece of Australian jewellery off an Australian tree.

I now have a large range of pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, charms and cuff links for you to choose from. Some of the Australian Native range is available at Aspects in Kings Park and the Perth Mint.

European Inspiration Collection

The European Inspiration range of jewellery all started with me spending three months in Greece, the homeland of my grandparents, and being blown away with the ancient buildings, patterns and art that surrounded me.

I started sketching the patterns, which grew into noticing that some of the islands and villages had a crest or a symbol, and some of those where so old that they where from the mythical past of Greece.

So here at home, I started using these shapes and symbols to create a range of jewellery, in silver and gold, inspired by these ancient and mythological symbols.