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Australian Native Jewellery

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designed and hand crafted by Christos Zounis

Australian Native Jewellery

Christos is a designer jeweller in Perth, Western Australia with a love of making unique jewellery.

His Australian Native range started with trying to make a leaf pendant with high definition, and a Eucalyptus leaf and cast it in solid silver which turned out fantastic.

He was hooked and started to look at all the native Australian trees, picking all the unique Australian leaves nuts, pods and buds, including Banksia, Melaluca, Eucalyptus, coral gums bottlebrush and spyridium and started casting them to make into jewellery.

Each piece of is a one off exclusive handmade piece of Australian jewellery off an Australian tree. Christos Jewellery now has a large range of pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, charms and cuff links for you to choose from.


Customer Reviews

  • Christos is the kindest person you’ll ever meet. Amazing customer service, and don’t get me started on the jewellery. Christos has a range of jewellery that looks amazing.

  • Fantastic service for a first time walk in customer. This is what I call fine service. Way way above average.
    If you want custom work THIS is THE JEWELLER. Approachable personable highly talented craftsmanship and he has a gift for customizing those ugly medical bracelets so you better get here and ask how can I have a piece of jewellery that looks nice as my medical bracelet 🙂
    Also an exquisite collection of native plant castings jewellery – theses are beautiful and would make the best modern Australian gift or souveniers for travelers.
    I am returning to pickup jewellery I’ve purchased and I know I will be back in the future for more treasure.
    Fantastic five star customer service experience. Thanks heaps.

  • Christos completes quality work at very reasonable prices. I have had numerous repairs done by Christos and it’s always service with a smile.

  • Christos did a fantastic job reproducing a broken ring for a reasonable price / time frame.
    It’s made for a very special wedding anniversary gift. Thank you!